Friday, September 21, 2007


Let's keep this simple. Welcome to the Baby Jesus in Velvet Trousers. This blog is will be about food, wine, tea, beer, and any other potable or comestible we care to talk about, whether it's from a restaurant, a shop, or made by us. It'll mostly be Chicago-centric, since that's where we live.

About us: I'm Ms. L. I just burned rice, which is boiling water plus an extra step. The other contributor is Mr. Z. Until a year ago, he didn't have a pot in which to boil water. So of course we feel qualified to talk about food.

To be fair, we eat. We eat a great deal. Sometimes more than once a day. Sometimes we eat at places like TRU, Alinea, and (soon) Moto. And we drink almost as much as we eat. Maybe more.

Speaking of that, the name of the blog is drawn from a Carmelite nun's description of this wine, which you should try if you can find it. As of a month ago, you could find it at Juicy Wine, 694 N Milwaukee Ave, (312) 492-6620. You can also find Batali Salumi (made by Mario Batali's Seattle-based papa) at Juicy; I especially recommend the Mole Salumi, which is spicy with a hint of chocolate. Mmm.

Coming soon: lots of pictures of beer.

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